BSL KS5 / Sixth Form (Y12 & Y13)

Key Stage 5 (KS5) at BSL is the subsequent educational stage in the British school system, following Key Stage 4 for our Y12 and Y13 students between the ages of 16 to 18. KS5 is a critical phase during which students pursue more specialized studies, often in preparation for higher education or entry into the workforce.

In Key Stage 5, students generally have the option to choose a more focused set of subjects based on their career aspirations and academic interests. The qualifications pursued during this stage include AS (one year) and A-level (two year) courses.

The subjects studied in KS5 can vary widely, with students having the flexibility to tailor their academic path. Core subjects, such as English and mathematics, may continue to be part of their curriculum, but students also delve deeper into subjects that align with their chosen fields. Popular A-level choices include sciences, humanities, languages, and the arts.

Subjects studied in KS5 at BSL are

In addition to academic studies, KS5 often involves greater independence and responsibility for students. They may have opportunities for work experience, extracurricular activities, and personal development, contributing to a more holistic educational experience.

Overall, Key Stage 5 serves as a bridge between compulsory education and the next phase of a student’s academic or professional journey, providing a more specialized and in-depth learning experience.

There are three key areas of school policy that KS5 / Sixth Form parents and students need to be aware of.


It is compulsory for Sixth Formers to be in school for the full day from 8:40 am until 2.50 pm if staying for lunch or 2.20 pm if not.

Study Room

When not studying in a class or enjoying break Sixth Form students have Study Time. Study Time takes place in the Study Room (Room 4).

  • It is the student’s responsibility to use Study Time productively, it is not free time.
  • If students are found not behaving correctly during this time they will be moved to a classroom to work under supervision. A-levels involve a significant amount of work and each week students are expected to spend an additional 5+ hours per subject during their Study Time periods and homework.
  • Eating during Study Time is not allowed

Dress Code

Regarding the school’s dress code policy, please remember that although for years 12 and 13 there is no school uniform, students are expected to dress in a respectful manner appropriate for study. For example a plain top, smart trousers/shorts or jeans (with no rips), flat
shoes or trainers. If you are dressed
inappropriately you will be asked to return home to change into more suitable clothes.


Students should not reveal inappropriate parts of the body – showing midriff, or having very short skirts/shorts is not acceptable. 


One simple set of stud earrings is acceptable and any tattoos should not be visible. 


Any makeup must be modest. 

Moving Around

Students do not have permission to move between Senior and Junior school buildings without being accompanied by a member of staff.

As with the Secondary school students, there will be a duty rota in place assigning a teacher to walk with Sixth Form students and open the doors to the different school buildings before patio / lunch or class times so that students never need to walk in public space alone.