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Our pupils, their rights and their work
At the British School of Lanzarote we believe that everyone has certain rights;
The right to learn
The right to be listened to
The right to be respected.
The right to a safe and pleasant environment
To make sure everyone is able to enjoy these rights it is necessary for everyone to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

Classroom Expectations
Each class is responsible for setting their own codes of conduct/rules which pupils are expected to follow, as well as to:

Work hard at all times and to the best of their ability.

Be punctual for lessons and complete homework on time.

Be prepared for lessons by bringing what is required i.e. the correct books, equipment, kit etc..

Not pack away or leave the classroom until their teacher says so.

Keep the classrooms and school in general tidy.

Pupils are required to fulfil these expectations at all times.

Some pupils' work